Hastings Bands

2018 Drumline
  • Drumline training sessions begin TBA
  • Training Sessions Schedule (TBA)
  • What is Drumline?

      The drumline is the percussive section of the band. The drumline is made up of two parts. The battery is the marching members in both the summer and fall season. The front ensemble (pit) is the non-marching members in the fall season. The battery includes snare, tenors, bass drum, and cymbals. The front ensemble instrumentation can include marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, bells, timpani, drumset, auxiliary percussion, synthesizer (piano), bass guitar, guitar, electronics, etc. We perform on streets for parades during the summer and on football fields for field shows in the fall.

  • Attendance

      Please see the marching band handbook for attendance guidelines.

  • Expectations

      The expectation level of the drumline is high because of the precision required to play and march our music. Training sessions are used before the summer season begins to help students learn the basics and fundamentals of marching percussion. The staff expects members of the drumline to make a commitment to themselves and each other in order to have their music and drill learned in a timely fashion. Personal practice outside of rehearsal and coming to rehearsal prepared are important.

  • Equipment

      Equipment for the drumline is provided through the school. We are able to purchase updated equipment to fit each year’s show through marching band member fees and fundraising. There is an additional equipment fee for each member of the drumline. This fee will primarily cover wear and tear on the equipment and will also assist in purchasing new sticks/mallets/drumheads, etc. Students are permitted to check out equipment to use at home. Equipment is expected to be cared for throughout the season as if it were the members own.